Where the money is....

When Willie Sutton bank robber was asked why he robbed banks he said "Because that is where the money is". How things have changed.

The banker's Bank the Federal Reserve is now robbing savers with near zero interest rates. Why? Because that is where the money is. It is a hidden tax. No law was passed. Still you are having the your money stolen through near zero interest rates to restore bank's balance sheets. If you had $300,000 in an IRA (or 401k) earning 5% in 2007 ($18,000 a year with nearly no risk) you are lucky if you earn half that today. That is a $9,000 or more of hidden taxes.

I hope to expose these types of actions and others by the FED and government. Boomers need to be vigilant - because their savings is where the money is. I will also delve into other areas of finances of interest to Boomers.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

T-Mobile sucks - trying to over bill final bill

I tried to get help resolving the final bill at the local T-Mobile store.  They claimed they couldn't help with billing issues.  Not unexpected - my experience (which I may go into later) with the people at the local store proved they should fire every member of the staff and hire monkeys (that would upgrade staff intelligence).  So I called the 800 service # - they were as intelligent and as helpful as the local staff.

Situation is my contract was up April 17, 2014  and I switched to AT&T Go Phone plan.  Now around May 5, 2012  I was billed and paid a partial month's service as first payment.  Then I paid monthly for the next 23 months.  So I should have received a bill for a partial month after I cancelled my plan.

Well the bill indicated partial charges from 3/29 thru 4/17 in the line item text, but the amounts were not for a partial period, but for a full month.  See notes on attached document from my bill and prior month payment of $40.85.

I requested a corrected bill, to no avail (local store, 800 customer service #, in writing, etc...  Now they have turned this over to a collection agent.  Good luck with that - sue me idiots.


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